Friday, May 22, 2015

Day Two

The strong aroma of sage brush quickly replaced the smell of fresh sun screen. The sun was out, but the air remained cool, with a pattern of clouds scattered along the horizon that resembled left over popcorn on the floor of a theater. 
The road stretched out in front of us, void of any traffic, with the only disruption being the small towns which looked like they were stuck, frozen in a better time. 
The chopper gods were smiling down on us though. As route 395 and highway 20, wove us through, in between, and around every single storm of our 410 mile trip to Vale. Sometimes we were surrounded by rain, but the road in front of us snaked through the drops, leaving us completely dry for almost the entire trip. A couple peg pushing adventures at the end of a couple long stretches, left us riding shoulder to shoulder, on the shoulder, enjoying the scenery in the slow lane. 
The last bit of the trip, we followed the Malhuer River as it made it's way through the mountains and into the valley where Vale was. Wicky, Donny, cold beer and pizza were there to greet us. Another long day, ending perfectly. 

Likely CA

Lake overlook

Peg pushing

Riley OR. Only gig in town

Following the Malheur River

So close...

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Idaho Bound!

We're sitting here in a hotel, 100 miles from our intended destination. We did about 8-1/2 hours on the bikes today, and saw sun, rain, hail, and snow. And then a little bit more sun, then a bunch more rain! 
Call it giving up, puss'n out, or whatever you want, but those were some hard fought miles today. And with hands and feet like blocks of ice, and the storm still in front of us, I figured we made the right call by calling it a day! 

Crossing out of Tuolumne County

Finally on hwy 80, our weather started to show itself. 


Rainsuits on!

Stop to change glasses and sit part of it out. 

Finally north of Reno. 

Our last bit of sunshine

Rainsuits back on...

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

No Minute Like the Last Minute

Wolf and I are heading to Idaho tomorrow. Trying not to forget anything...

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Friday, May 15, 2015

Flanders Chopper Bash

This weekend, Axel Netherlands. This is the place to be in Europe right now, shit, maybe the world. A small (getting bigger), grassroots show, with tons of choppers being ridden from all over to attend. Some of the Deathtraps got to go last year, and they had a blast.
More info:
On a side note: all shirt orders from the past week will be going on today! Thank you all for the support. See you on the road this summer!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

New Shirt Design

FU design from Mitch Cotie is up in the online store.
Thanks again Mitch!

Check it out HERE
See more stuff from Mitch HERE

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

"Whiskey's a good medicine. It keeps your muscles tender."

-Richard Arvine Overton

Its always nice to actually hear about something that classifies as news worthy inlayed in between all the hollywood bullshit, and political back stabbing. Richard Overton, World War II veteran, turned 109 yesterday in Austin Texas. Mr. Overton is thought to be the oldest living WWII veteran still alive, and he is still living like he was 18 years old. Smoking cigars, 12 a day, whisky with his coffee, and staying active. And no TV! I don't think 99% of kids today could live one day without their TV, internet, fuckbook page, and cell phones glued to their noses!
Keep on keeping on!

Monday, May 11, 2015


Hank and Eva from Belgium have been with us for the past week. And after spending the first half of their vacation in San Francisco, they came east to get some culture shock!
Shooting, rodeo, Mother Lode parade, bluegrass concert, just to name a few. Heres a couple from last week. More to come!

Belgian Militia

Safety first. Standard Operating Procedure for all of our European sharp shooters.

Jonathan, first shot with his "new" WWII era M1 Garand

"go ahead and aim a little more to the left"

Hank popping his shotgun cherry


The fun way out

Friday, May 8, 2015

The Business of Wounded Veterans

This issue bothers me, a lot. Both of these men run non profits that benefit wounded veterans. One of these men actually served in the military. One of these organizations has an annual budget of $200,000 , only $175,000 less than the other mans salary in 2013. But here's the kicker: one of these foundations actually goes around suing other disabled veteran charities.
Wounded Warrior Project has a current reputation of being a bully in this circle of charity organizations. Taking multiple people to court on grounds that they own the phrase "Wounded Warrior". I personally have friends in the Wounded Warrior Battalion. An active group of wounded servicemen in the Marine Corps. The Wounded Warrior Project complains that groups with "wounded warrior" in their names, like the Keystone Wounded Warriors, benefit from the confusion in the names and from the money the WWP spends on advertising. They also claim they will "suffer from irreparable damage to its business, goodwill and reputation, profits", from having to share this name with any other group.
Now isn't the point of having an organization that benefits veterans, to benefit veterans? Does taking other similar groups to court, making them spend tons of money on legal fees, attorneys, and legal proceedings, actually go against the entire philosophy of your organization? When this kind of action is going on, it doesn't seem that any veteran is being helped at all? Especially when some of these smaller groups have been sued, and then told to pay upwards of $1.7 million in damages. Who got damaged? Do the veterans who were ignored during this legal circus get awarded the money from the lawsuit?
Let me put it this way: if there was a race car, and two "teams" wanted it to win. Would it make sense on how this car actually won, as long as it won? Why would it matter?  Would it make sense for one team to sabotage the other team, and in turn, also sabotage the race cars chances at the finish line? 
Its hard for me not to come to the conclusion that certain people will stop at nothing to make money for themselves. In this case, the disabled veteran happens to be mule for this scheme.
These are my personal feelings on the subject. I encourage you all to read more and come to your own conclusions. Here are a couple articles related to this issue: 

Paul Spurgin, Marine Corps Vietnam vet, and executive director of Keystone Wounded Warriors. His charity spent 2 years and $72,000 in legal fees fighting the WWP

Steve Nardizzi, chief executive officer for Wounded Warrior Project, lawyer from New York

Monday, May 4, 2015

From Holland

The Rogues had their opening day ride, which like our swap meet, ended up being in the middle of a rain storm! Fucking hell, but what can you do?

Hey Beer, got Old Yellow on the road again?!

Wrenching on a bagger! That never gets old