Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sissy Bars

Doodling from a couple of years ago. The funny thing though, is that all of these have been built since, and most are still being run. The secret is to make it out of one single piece of steel, no cutting and pasting here!


  1. Do you ever sell any sissy bars

  2. We've done a couple for people. Most of these have gone on club bikes or close friends though

  3. Easyriders magazine used to have a sissybar contest back in the '70s. Readers would snail mail their designs on paper and get a 10-spot if printed in the mag. Well, as a joke, I created a phallic "dick and the twins" sissybar consisting of 5 pieces of square stock which, IIRC, was included in the "Linda's Triumph" issue. Never got the fuckin' check prolly due to not staying anywhere too long.