Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Worst So Far!

Alright, you might not agree with what the president is doing, or with what the previous president did, and I'm not going to try and convince you otherwise. My point here is, while I was on every single one of my tours to Iraq, I didn't sit there and belittle the president at his job. And to be completely honest, I didn't have time to fucking cry about what decisions he might be making halfway around the world at home. I was fully focused on my brothers, who were out on patrol with me every night, and determined to accomplish the mission at hand.
I will defend my fellow Marines pissing on dead Taliban, speak up for them when they are afraid of talking about suicide, and give them a dollar if they become homeless after returning from war. But this is it for me. This mother fucker, Marine Sgt. Gary Stein, a weather forecaster (?!?), has been talking shit about the president of the United States. And this is where it might be necessary to ignore certain tones of racism for some people. But why in the fuck are we at war while this mother fucker, who is on active duty and should be supporting troops in the line of fire, has the time to dedicate to talking shit about his commander in chief on his facebook page!?
For some reason, my brothers and myself were able to keep our mouths shut, and fight for our lives and nation, while we still lost almost 20 brothers to the evils of war. What the fuck ever happened to this idiot? A rainstorm interrupted his tanning session?
You have a fucking job to do, and while you update your status online, Marines are dying.
So I ask, don't give him an other than honorable discharge, give him another job. Something that takes more skill than starring at the sky all day. Dust off your rifle, load your magazines, and go do something for your country and your fellow Marines.
That is what has always been great about the Marine Corps: while everyone complains about insurmountable problems, the Marines adapt and overcome, and accomplish their mission!

Fucking Clown Shoe:

Some of our vehicles after being blown up by IED's


  1. Beautifully articulated JB, what a fucking nonce, respect as always man. Safe and happy Easter whatever be your faith or beliefs.

  2. Generally I would agree that americans should support the president of the United States, I think the differance with this president, is that he is an anti american communist that wants to destroy this country, and under those circumstances I think everyone should stand up and speak out against this piece of shit that sits in our White House. Only sheep go along to get along, and remain silent while their country is destroyed before their eyes.

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  4. The whole point of this was not to be a critic of the president, but of this Marine who has a responsibility to his fellow Marines whom are still at war. He should be concentrating on the mission at hand. People forget that Americans are still dying in foreign contries, while this guy can go on an online crusade.
    If his job was to sit at an office selling cardboard to homeless people, then he can say whatever he wants to. But his job is to support the Marine units on the battlefield. When he is not doing his job, he puts Americans at risk.

  5. JB-I agree w/ you all the way! According to the Marine Corps Times he is getting seperated due to violating Articels 134 and Article 92 for violating DoDD 1344.10, "failing to adhere to proper political activities for service members..."

  6. correct me if I'm wrong but isn't this dood an Oath Keeper? ( When the State is bought and sold on the marketplace and the rights of Americans are being taken away as a result of this Fascist march towards a New World Order the only thing thats going to stop the offshore banker fucks who highjacked this country are folks who are willing to stand-up and say "no... I will not take the guns away of my fellow American because that is their 2nd amendment right".. or "no.. I will not take this guy to prison and hold him indefinitely for exercising his first amendment right of free speech"... even if I am ordered to. The definition of "terrorist" has changed... According to the new definition you are a terrorist if you grow your own food, have guns and collect gold... I wish I was joking.... this is No joke.... If everyone in all branches of the military, police department etc were willing to do that we could have this country back the way it was tomorrow. Right now douschbags like the Rothchilds have us bent over a barrel and its going to get a lot worse if we dont stand-up.

    If i totally missed the point here than I will go fuck myself to sleep... cheers

  7. I weep for the future of our country

  8. The point is that as a Marine he no longer enjoys the right of free speech. As a volunteer in the Armed Forces of the U.S. he is not granted protection under the Bill of Rights. It is an obligation taken freely, and I took as did he (though I was Army). governance in the Armed forces is not under Constitutional protection, it is under the Uniform code of military Justice, and while it bears similarities to the way the U.S. Constitution governs criminal law, it is not the same. One of the marked differences is in the fact that the freedom of speech does not exist for servicemembers.

    The Marine is not in trouble for criticizing the President, he is in violation of an article of the UCMJ that bars him from speaking against his Commander in Chief. If you don't understand the difference, Google it.