Friday, October 12, 2012

Stole this from the Rogues MC!

A picture of their club up in Sweden back in the day, and one of a bitchin chopper.
Thanks for everyone's orders from the website. They are being shipped out as fast as we can get them boxed up! Orders today should be in the mail no later than Monday.
Oh, nice shirt Beer!


  1. Hey Jonathan,

    the person on the second photo is Justin Hallenbeck of the Speedmetal- Crew in Denver on his Panhead, he built for the Born Free Show this year. Check him out at the Speedmetal- blog.

    Cheers from Germany

    Butcher/ 1000 HILLS RUN

  2. Super sick bike in person!!!

  3. The bikes on the top photo are not ours. Our chops did not look that good at the time. These are Swedish, the house is the clubhouse of the Norrkoping Peking Outlaws who gave a party every year were hundreds of bikers on these choppers showed up. Beer Rogues MC