Monday, February 20, 2012


 Well, we went through almost 230 lbs of smoked pork, 25 lbs of pasta and 60 lbs of salad. We drained 3 kegs, and 2 cases of wine. Sold over 4000 raffle tickets, who knows how many drink and dinner tickets, and raised over $15,000 for Ruby and her family (unofficial count, some people still owe for their silent auction win). Thanks again to everyone who helped out, donated and showed up in support of Ruby and the entire Garcia family!

 First of 3 bands,
Ruby's grandpa, uncle and dad (Bill, Josh and Jason)
Getting started

 Ruby's mom, overwhelmed dad and little brother
 Front ticket table, hilarious?
 Thanks to the High Country Hellcats for serving beer and wine all night
 Lets eat!
 Rockin Rick
Ruby was there in spirit. She couldn't attend due to the risk of getting sick before her upcoming surgery
 Uncle, grandpa, dad and grandma
Us and Jason (Ruby's dad) after finally wrapping up a long day

Thanks again to everyone for helping make this happen!
If anyone has pictures they would like to share, email them to us:


  1. Too cool guys, good seeing that

  2. Fantastic, I was moved enough when you first posted the event to follow your tip and go to Ruby's blog and donate there, being fifteen light years away was gonna be difficult to make the actual gig . . . you guys should be proud, a genuinely beautiful thing, here's to ya !!!

  3. You guys are the best!!! Can't find the words to express the gratitude,love and appreciation for getting this thing done. The turn out was unbelieveable, and least on my end. Ruby has a bunch of new uncles that we will have to get pictures with. Also, should I make some cards for you guys that say "DeathtrapsMC / party planners". You guys did great! Thanks from the bottom of our hearts. See ya when we get back from surgery!