Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I hope the ship doesn't sink!

 Its gone! I won't see her for another 9 weeks until I arrive in Germany. The plan is to ride throughout Europe for four months this summer on the ol chopper. Got the pack filled with tools and spare parts, and will fly out in April to pick her up. An eerie feeling just leaving the bike sitting there in L.A. and just walking away from it!


  1. Fuck. Yes.
    I'm more than slightly envious.

  2. You and the scoot will be jes fine, sounds like a brilliant four months coming up . . . enjoy the hell out of it !!!

  3. Sounds like the trip of a lifetime!! You goin solo?

  4. Support Package Arrived Today!
    Many Thx!
    Let Us Know When You Hit Belgium!

  5. Lucky lucky bastard dude!! I would of liked to of joined you in Botrop but my wife is due to give birth to our third daughter late May, so I'll miss the kustom show!!! Have a safe ride..enjoy the freedom and all the best from all the guys in our workshop and the UK..


  6. Hey Jonathon, are they going to charge you for the insane oil spill that they are going to have to clean up once they open the doors to the cargo container? That container will never be the same again.