Saturday, December 30, 2017


OK, so we must apologize for the lack of posts recently. It's not that we have not been busy, we have just been trying to get an updated website, that has a blog we can use and add two from the road. Unfortunately for everyone, we really are not that well equipped to do this website stuff! We have made some progress, and hopefully soon we will have a brand new site with store, website, and blog, all combined into one.

Click here for a preview: DTMC

We actually have been fairly busy doing some club related things. We even had a trip to Norway and Sweden, where we visited the Chopper Freaks, and then went to Gothenburg to visit the Jokers MF and helped celebrate their 20th anniversary as a moto family.

Long trip

Seeing some old friends!

Chopper Freaks clubhouse



Anniversary party. Great seeing all of our friends form Sweden there and actually quite a few friends from Germany, Holland, and Belgium. Always great to catch up with everyone

Last time we were here was when Wolf and Jonathan arrived on the ferry from Denmark. Richy picked them up and that was the start to 17 damn good days in Sweden and Norway!