Thursday, June 30, 2016

Beating the Heat

Riding to work at 445am. Actually kinda chilly!

Running som errands across the river. In the thick of the heat. At least there's no cops around...

Fuck! Welcome back to Sonora 

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Golden Chain Run 2016

Here it is! Here is the official flyer for the run. Pretty much the same as last year, but we will start on SATURDAY September 3, and head to Grass Valley. We will head from there, north on 49, all the way to the 89, to the 70, and finally to Belden. This is the current route and schedule. Stay tuned for updates!
Feel free to spread this around!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Chopper Kingz Party, Brittany France

So some of the Deathtraps have been to this a couple times in previous years when it was held at an oyster farm, on a secret bay. This year they changed the location and looked like it has doubled in size too. Wish we could've made this one, maybe next year!
We stole these from the Chopper Kingz, and from Niko who runs Move Around Mag. Check out his photos here.

Jeremy doing his thing

Chopper Kingz


Hey Beer, didn't you always make fun of the Deathtraps for running out of gas all the time?!

Machu Pichu on his shovelhead

Friday, June 24, 2016

Into The Pines

More of this please...

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

This Bugs Me...

Buying made in the USA, or from a country that is known for its product, has become a little OCD habit for me. And the latest failed mission has been skate shoes. First of all, you can no longer buy a pair of skate shoes, or mens sneakers, that are made in the USA anymore. New Balance seems to be the only brand that carries a line of sneakers that are still made in here, and they even have a line which are made in the UK. Don't get me wrong, this is great, but I'm not quite a NB guy, at least yet. But heres what really bugs me: as we get closer to the 4th of July, shoe companies that have shipped their factories overseas, gear up to release their "patriotic" themed footwear. I've been wearing Vans forever, and these motherfuckers are the worst! Made in China, Independence Day, American Flag waving bullshit, shipped halfway around the world so you can think you are doing the right thing and buying a Chinese shoe with your nations flag on it. Vans is really good about keeping up with the trends and custom shoe patterns, but where is the China Pro Model?
If the flag is a part of a costume that you wear a couple times a year, then you are truly the clown shoe of this country.
So where do you go, or what do you buy? Thankfully there are plenty of work boots out there that are still made in the USA, and proud of it. All of my work boots are made here, but at the end of the day, you still want to kick you boots off, literally, and slip into something a little less work related. If we are destined to buy Chinese shoes, at least for the near future, then at least support your local shoe store, skate shop, and main street. Amazon might deliver it faster than you can wipe your own ass, and they know your name, birthday, shopping habits, and deepest online secrets, not that you told them any of this, but they will never be a friendly face at a store with people you know and call neighbors.

American flag, designating where they were made. Not because its 4th of July...

American flag, designating that its 4th of July, but not country of manufacture...
Slap yourself

Monday, June 20, 2016

Marine One in Yosemite

I know half of you are probably thinking, who cares, where's the motorcycle? While the other half are saying something negative about the current state of politics in Washington DC! Ha. But this really has nothing to do with any of that. I just think it's such a cool contrast between man and nature. And not to mention the fucking Marines looking badass in their dress blues after they landed! 
The last president to visit Yosemite was actually JFK. I thought that maybe California native Ronald Reagan did, but that's not the case. I was looking for a picture of the JFK era Marine One in Yosemite, but I guess he drove the motorcade up there...

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Speaking of Mitch Cotie...

Goldenchain Run is coming up, Labor Day weekend. Friday leaving from Sonora, headed north on this state's beloved highway 49. First stop (not sure yet, maybe Grass Valley), and then ending once again in Belden to join up with that crew. Here's a sneak peak to the shirt/flyer from Mitch:

Friday, June 17, 2016

Coming Up Soon!

Rogues 2016 anniversary party. Wish we could be there for this. Artwork by the one and only Mitch Cotie 

Last years poster. Mitch again

Wolf and I made it to this one. Poster also done by Mr Cotie

Fucking rad

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Swap Meet Flashback

A couple shots from Holly. Good times looking back! See more from her and the swap meet HERE

Jason and Clint hard at work

Swap meet treasures

Brian and Dirty

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Red wood run

I got to meet up with Sonora JAKE 
Did a little riding ...but never enough

Eventually made it back to the event 

Just in time for JAKE to put on a show. 

Saw dr. Jones and a few others. 

Nothin looks as good as an old chopper around a bunch of newer shit!  


And I ran into the Swedish made American chopper that won 1st in show for old iron. 

Hope to see you in August. 

Monday, June 13, 2016

Goldenchain Meet Up

One pack headed south, and two packs (I guess I don't really qualify as a pack when I'm riding by myself, but it sounds better this way) headed north along highway 49. I had a couple readjustment stops along the way, but by the time I came across Gus and Andrew, Gus's battery had taken a shit. 
Shortly after we had diagnosed the problem, Josh and Jason blasted past us like they didn't even know us! On a mission from God! A chase insued, and I was able to get them turned around and back to where the dead bike was. 
Sun was headed down, so we sent Andrew on a parts run, and he returned with fried chicken and biscuits! And a battery... The shovel would live again!

A concerned Andrew watching Dr. Gus

Finally one pack

While staring at other bikes, Josh noticed Jason might need a custom heat shield for his oil lines. Being stuck on the side of the road in beautiful California, finding trash would not be a problem! Aluminum can, check! Bailing wire, check!

Fast Greasy Trash

Jason and I would head south together while the rest of the guys went north. Josh would eventually head back west towards the ocean. 

"It's a loose wire!" 
"You got gas?" 
"Ummmm, No..."

Crossing the county line as the sun was going down.