Monday, November 29, 2010

Peg Pushin'

The peg push has been part of many a DeathTrap ride since the very beginning. The reasons it must be done are endless. In this first pic, the member has just about locked in, BUT not in the usual position. The prospect is not running foot pegs, hence the rear position push. A long straight road and it all seems to be fine since the sissy bar is a good hold for pushin' and staying balanced right?

Tramp and his old lady pull forward to assist on the left, if you look close you can see Josh's footpeg was about to get trapped. After Mike grabs on to the right to help on what would need to be a long distance push, Josh's peg gets caught and his handlebar goes into the prospects open cut off sleeve hole. All four riders have a brush with death before things unhook on a part of the hwy none of them wanted to be.

Could just be a bad set of coincidences, or could be a good reason against the sissy bar push. Just another DeathTrap ride.