Thursday, January 12, 2012

Marines Urinating on Taliban

The following comments represent me and no one else in the club. This is my opinion, if you agree, thats great and spread this viewpoint. I don't think I would have done this, but people need to be reminded of the stresses on the mind in a combat zone.
Not sure if you all have seen this yet, but I heard about it earlier today from my brother, then was blasted with it by the news after work. You know what, fuck D.C., fuck the Pentagon and fuck everyone saying how unimaginable this is. The one thing that really gets me though, is all the senior Military officers, who have been hiding out in the White house for the past decade, have all of the sudden acted "blindsided" by this. The last time any of those mother fuckers were in combat was Vietnam or never! Apparently they are the only ones who have forgotten what its like. 
People have forgotten the context in where this was taken from. These Taliban were previously trying to kill these Marines. Have you ever had someone try to kill you? Media, I'm guessing not. Has everyone forgotten Somalia, where a U.S. soldier was dragged naked through the streets? This is war. You all got us into it, now that we're here, you should defend how it effects young people.
Last thing, all these senior officials, sent these Marines and Soldiers there, sometimes 3, 4, 5 tours, what the fuck do you think is going to happen? And the worst part, this is specifically directed at the senior Marine officers I have seen on the TV, you don't even defend your fellow Marines and the wrath of war on a young mind. What happened to Semper Fidelis? Always Faithful? Until it affects your careers I guess.