Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ok, its almost here. We've been getting everything ready for the big event on Saturday. Collecting raffle and silent auction items. Ordering kegs of beer and cases of wine. Picking up pork, salad and dinner rolls.
We have something for everyone at this event. Tons of skateboard and motorcycle stuff. Almost every restaurant in the county gave us a gift certificate. Golfing, lift tickets and horse lessons. Gravel, firewood and tractor rentals, enough to remodel your front yard! Don't forget the salon's, clothing, massage and beauty shops that donated as well. This doesn't even begin to touch the amount of things we have for this event, hope to see you all here!
A huge thanks to everyone who has donated, and we'll see everyone at the Tuolumne Memorial Hall in Tuolumne City, 2pm-7pm this Saturday February 18th!
Questions, email us at: