Monday, June 10, 2013

Heading West

After two and half great days of stories, food, drinks and laughs, it's was time to leave the El Forastero and Sioux City. Of course, the rain that had arrived late Friday night, was still there to see us off Sunday morning. Fully suited up, we said goodbye to the Rogues, who were heading north west to Bozeman Montana, and headed out. 
Thankfully we rode out of the rain, but it was replaced by a severe headwind. My gas tank, already being the short tank, was struggling to make it 50 miles with the added wind in our faces. It took us all day, and a lot of gas stops in between, to finally arrive at our destination in south west Nebraska. Another great day though, after the wind died down, of exploring the Midwest's backroads.  

A huge thanks to the EFMC for the hospitality and great time. We will see you again!
And we'll see the Rogues next year across the pond! As always, another fucking great trip!