Monday, April 27, 2015


Not that anyone wants to give the weather man credit, but in this instance, they were correct: rain between midnight and 7am saturday morning. Standing around the fire at 11pm friday night, stars were long gone by now, that first rain drop came down to say hello. By 12 it was here to stay.
The next morning the sound of people and vehicles first started around 630am. But the one sound that wasn't there, was the rain! Don't get your hopes up yet. That rain storm dumped over 1-1/4" of rain, and the field was turned into ponds in certain areas. This didn't deter the hardcore swap meeters, or any of the bikers who rode out to party for the weekend.
What looked like at first a total disaster, turned out to be one of the best party's we've ever had. Huge thanks to everyone who showed up. And also to Dave and all the guys who let us use the field for the event. We'll try this again next year! Without the rain though...

Photos by Lee Bender, Holly A, and DTMC

Saturday morning. Not looking too good at the moment!

Zac from GV had the best idea all day: $1 per cast, and you just had to hook it and get it past the bike! Fish on

First there was Rocco...

Then there was this.

The weather didn't damper peoples thirst, so what do you do with two empty kegs?

Keg races in the mud!


 Back up

Round two

And as usual, the sun goes down and the real party begins

Sunday morning, see you all next year!!!!