Thursday, May 5, 2016

Truck Shopping on the Bike

Found a truck on Craigslist, and after I installed a small gate in the morning, figured I would load the bike up, go to the bank, and head down to Santa Cruz to look at this thing in person. 

Perfect day. Tshirt weather all the way. 

Gas stop

Altamont Pass up ahead. 

Thanks to our SHITTY freeway system here in California, I made it to the top of the Altamont and had to pull over to tighten some bolts on the rear fender. Besides that though, ol Purple Drink ran great. 

Made it to Scott's Valley and Josh's shop

Lots of projects including a newer Landcruiser motor swap and an old LeMans, and this old CB750

Josh and I rode the rest of the way to the truck. 

In all reality I was just looking for an excuse to go for a ride! Oh, truck ran fine too. Didn't need to tighten any bolts on the way home...