Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Our entire trip we were fairly lucky with the weather. Cold, but dry, we had brought just enough of California with us to make our trip on the bikes perfect. Monday morning though, leaving Luxembourg, our luck had ran out. We left Ed's in the rain, and it didn't stop until we had almost reached Liege. 

Traveling over the Ardennes was almost unbearable in the cold and wet. But we throttled on, and the rest of the trip was quite a bit warmer once we reached the Dutch border, but still just as wet. 

Bastogne, last picture of the day before we split off from Gilles and Angelo

Dinner at the Opmeer clubhouse

Next day sun in Hoorn with Beer and Brian 


Our last meal in Europe with Beer and Els and family. Another great trip in a bag, already can't wait to get back. Hope to see you guys all soon!