Friday, November 4, 2016

Fixing that ol Roadside Repair

When I left DV the other day, I saw that in the very near future I would be in need of some intake bands. I actually had some with me, but instead of change them out before I left, I decided to haul ass home and see how far I could get. Highway speeds were no problem, but the further I got north, the worse it ran whenever I would have to slow down for a small town. And finally by Bridgeport I bought some hose repair tape to help me out over the pass. At that point of the trip I was making such good time, that the last thing I wanted to do was slow down to repair something on the bike!
Either way, yesterday I finally sat down and fixed the shovel head who had been staring at me for the past week wondering when the fuck I was going to show him some love!

It did work actually...

Back together, and a test run to the market for dinner supplies. Bottle of wine to secure 2nd base with the ol lady! I can dream...
Ready for Nor Cal swap meet sunday.