Friday, February 10, 2017

Help Vince

We recently found out a friend of ours, Vince, has cancer. Vince is one of those dudes who lives life wide open, the one with epic stories of adventure when we are kicking in around the campfire on motorcycle runs or parties. He's an awesome human, dad, skater, biker, and most importantly friend. He needs our help now trying to beat this thing. He's not one to ask for help, but his illness has kept him from working, so now he needs some.
Help out anyway you can, check HERE for more info and a way to donate.
There will also be a benefit for him coming up in March, so stay tuned if you're in the central, northern, or southern California area.

Vince a couple years back on the east side, after taking his bike through the alternative route to the hot springs.