Monday, March 6, 2017

Downtown Bound

The group that was spread out across all lanes of the 2, eventually got choked down into two lanes as we got closer to downtown. At every red light, the pack would melt down in between the stopped cars, and emerge at the front of the line back in formation. Green light, tires screeching, front wheels lifting, and like children with a pack of matches, we were all smiling as we charged ahead. A good weekend, with great friends, remembering an incredible brother. And I know Matt was laughing as we all barreled past the Chum at full speed before any of us realized where we were! 

Southbound on the 2

It eventually became a race between the lights. Everyone slithered their way to the front of the intersection between the cars. The pack couldn't be stopped. 

Rest In Peace Matt. You will be missed. 

Who brought the map???

Next morning. Homeward bound