Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Celebration of Life and Ride for Brian

The celebration of life for Brian will be held at 2pm on June 24th at the Sonora Elks Lodge. Food will be served from 4-6, and the bartender will be done at 8pm. This is open to the public for all of his family, friends, and people who would like to show their respect for this great man.
On Sunday the 25th of June, there will be a ride, which Brian and his wife have done many times in the past, down 49 to Mariposa, and then up into Yosemite. Destination is the Awhahnee Hotel in the valley. The Sonora group will then ride back via 120, and everyone is welcome to join us, or to split off and head home a different route. Again, this is open to everyone, and we want you there no matter how long you knew Brian.
Please email us with any questions.

Map of Sonora Elks Lodge HERE
Map of Awhahnee HERE
The Awhahnee Hotel's name has been changed to The Majestic Hotel Yosemite. But for all us locals, its still known as the Awhahnee!