Thursday, August 24, 2017

Finally Broke

Most of you are probably looking at this and thinking, "what the fuck is he talking about?" 
So back in 2012, on my first trip to Europe on this bike, while in Holland, Beer and Wicky took me to the Zuiderzee Museum. Basically Holland as it was 100 years ago. They were making their own rope there, and I grabbed some and made a stop for my clutch lever. This piece of rope outlasted a lot of steel parts on this machine!
And when I returned to Europe in 2014 with this bike and rope, both Wicky and Beer laughed at that piece of rope, until I told them that it was authentic Dutch history! Ha. Then of course they thought it was cool. 
So who knows how many miles, rainstorms, border crossings and gas stops this thing has seen since it first got attached.