Monday, June 11, 2012

Bottrop, 2nd try

The flat tire the day before put me right in the middle of every single storm throughout Germany. Sharing the over pass with some other people.

I arrived fully blown away by everything. I think I looked like a child lost in the super market. Thankfully Keith and Rob of Eat Dust saw me standing there, and their parental instincs kicked in and totally took care of me for the entire show.

 On the road with the Berlin Crew. We cruised around, no helmet, yeah!

Myself, Julien and Keith

Looked like hell was coming, but great weather the entire time,

Le Beef and if you can't be a Marine, be a Submarine!

It was great show, with really cool cars and bikes and great people. I dont have any pictures of bikes or cars, I've spent the last 5 weeks on my bike on the road, talking to it, and the mother fucker never says anything. So it was nice to talk and meet all these great  people you only "see"on the internet.
Big thanks to Julien, Michel and the Draggers, Keith and Rob of Eat Dust, Le Beef, Berlin crew, Belgium guys and everyone else along the way.
Already in France, heading to the Atlantic...