Sunday, June 17, 2012

Last couple of stops

I left Bottrop in the sun, but quickly left that behind as I crossed into Luxembourg and then France. My destination was real close to Dijon, in the south east. Unfortunately I ended up in the back of Michels truck only about 30 minutes from a hot dinner and wine at Roberts house. But that night my bike was not going to be the final victim. Blown head gasket on the truck caused Robert to tow the whole circus through the French countryside in the middle of the night and rain.
I got lucky, and a quick fix I was on the road in the morning. Great ride through more country roads the next day with Robert, which of course ended up wet again.
Toulouse was next, and the forecast called for more rain. This leg of my journey was some of the worst weather I had seen so far. I made it though without problems, soaking wet for a stay with Vincent of the Southsiders. One night and it was off to Biarritz and finally some sun!