Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Ahhh, great fucking ride! Took pretty much back roads the entire way to Milano on tuesday. Up, over and down through the alps, and came out just north of the city near this huge fucking lake.
Of course I left Kaufbeuren late and ended up in the rain somewhere near Maloya Pass. Thankfully it cleared up just before heading down this massive set of switchbacks. Would be a lot more fun going up without rain.
Met up with Giuseppe from Lowride magazine and Romano from Rumblers CC, both whom I met in Chimay.
Went on a good little ride today. In, out, around and then back through the city. The bike was running shitty all day, and eventually put me on the side of the road. A quick look into the bowl of the carb, and we discovered water in the gas.
So I'll start tomorrow with wrenches in hand!