Thursday, July 19, 2012

Why do 400K when you could do 600k!

Spent an extra night in Italy at the Sbarbari Klan CC birthday party. The plan was to stop in for one beer, and then continue on over the Dolomites, into Austria and then over the Alps back to Bavaria. From the campsite of the party, I could see north into the mountains, and the entire sky was black. So the one beer turned into two, and the camping looked good, so a third beer was in order.
A slight hiccup in the morning put me back an hour, but I was on the road, winding through the Italian back roads. In Trento, I jumped on the highway, made up some lost time, and quickly crossed into Austria.
I had my directions taped to my tank, but I ignored them in some traffic in Innsbruck. And instead of checking the map immediately, I ended up doing a 120k detour through Austria. Nice country.