Thursday, March 14, 2013

Flashback: march 5th, 2013

So I had reached the bottom of my to do list for the ride out to Arizona, when I finally jumped on the bike for a test ride. Buzzing down the road, finally into 4th, and I got this weird vibration. Familiar, but I couldn't place it before my float bowl on my SU got stuck down, and I stuttered to a stop, out of gas.
Thankfully Josh happened to be driving by and towed me back to the clubhouse to investigate. Baby Clint spotted it first: I had broken my frame in two places! Shit, my trip to Arizona flashed before my eyes. As my mind was spinning for ideas, we put it on the lift to stare at the problem eye to eye. After a couple minutes of stress, we decided to cut off my seat bracket, sleeve my entire seat post from the top down, and plug weld it up in 5 different places. Sure enough, 45 minutes later, we had the problem fixed.
Its now currently the strongest place on bike! Arizona, here we come...