Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Homeward bound: Days 5 & 6

After taking a couple hours to ride the 70 miles back to Phoenix from the lake, we all sat and relaxed up for the next leg of our journey in the morning.
Sun was shining and daylight was ticking by as we left for Santa Paula Monday morning. 100 miles into our trip, Marty's motor came to an abrupt end, with a huge cloud of black smoke. This was not a good sign considering his bike leaked and smoked less than both mine and Wolfs!
With no time to spare, and beers, dinner and beds waiting for us, Wolf and I pushed west.
Tuesday morning was our final stretch and only 350 miles separated us from home. The remaining bikes ran great, the weather was warm, and the chopper gods forced a slip of the throttle before every cop! Great trip, great stories and great friends.