Monday, July 1, 2013

LA Bound

Thursday morning was the beginning of the heat wave. Only 102 in Bakersfield as the high, now seems cool, but at the time was fucking miserable. 
Riding solo, I made good time to Ventura where I waited for Digger and the crew from Portland. Met everyone at the local inn-n-out (guess they don't have those things up in Oregon!) and pushed south back into the heat of LA. 
A couple detours later, a bar, and a few phone calls, got us hooked up with Ryan and a bunch of dudes that had come from NorCal, Tennessee, Arizona and somewhere else. Oh well, long night. 
It was a fucking blast, and good to see everyone again. 

Finally can see the Grapevine!

VIP parking at the bar

Mr Grossman's place

Buzz feeling small