Tuesday, July 2, 2013


You know when you have something bad coming to you, it seems that the worst part is waiting for it? Well that was me and my ride back north through the heat Friday. I began thinking that there wasn't much sense in riding farther south, only to wake up the next morning for it to be hotter and farther from home. 
So before anyone could convince me otherwise, I packed the bike up and headed north, back into the oven. 
It was fucking hot, but it was awesome seeing the random guys traveling south for the show. Good to see guys riding their choppers! 
My last two hours on the bike were awesome, almost worth the heat of the afternoon. Bike ran great, the rider on the other hand could use a rebuild!

Immediately after I left Ryan's!

Laying in the shade in Tulare

You get the idea

There they are! The Sierra Nevada's. almost home!