Monday, May 26, 2014

Germany Bound

The reality of the trip had arrived as we packed our bags for being on the road for the next 3 months. It has been over a year of planning, phone calls, emails and excitement, and it's finally here! 
The three of us jumped on the road heading south to Eindhoven to meet our friends from Belgium. We of course showed up late, due to some battery cable issues on the road. Hank, Gilles and Michel we're waiting for us at the Esso station, and we headed east to our final for the weekend: Herten and the KKF show. 
Great weekend and weather. Thanks again Draggers for the hospitality. Great seeing everyone again. 

First gas stop

Second battery cable


Rhein eastbound

Le Beef and Baby Clint

Taking pictures of guys pissin

Cheers you fucking assholes!


Bike lineup. There's a Wolf in there somewhere...

Lost already

Rhein westbound

Michel and his propeller helmet

Piss break

Home for the next week: Brugge