Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Last Couple of Days

We of course have been waiting on word from the shipping company that our bikes are ready and waiting for us in Rotterdam. We should finally be hearing those exact words either tomorrow morning or Thursday, but in the meantime we have been busy riding around on a couple of Beers bikes, hanging out with the Rogues, and touring all over Holland. 
The weather has held out for us too. Sunny and 70F, with rain some in the future (of course!) and hopefully we will be in Germany by this weekend!

First view of the many dykes in Holland

Dutch backroads

North Sea

Heading to Almere club night

Unicycle races in Opmeer

Baby Clint: adorable

Wrenching on a bike. Get used to it!

Feast at Beers house

Isn't always our bikes, but we're always wrenching on bikes!