Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Fuck Stupid People!

Its times like these when you wish we lived in a land where when stupid people on their cell phones, or drunk drivers, run over a person on a motorcycle, we chopped off one of their hands to prevent another act of stupidity. But we don't. The one thing we can do is donate to help out the victims of these pieces of shit.
We've met Robert several times, all over the place, riding his badass long chop. He was run over the other night and is currently in an induced coma. His first surgery was a success, but is nowhere close to the end yet. Click HERE to help out in anyway possible.

While doing some research on Robert's unfortunate wreck, I stumbled across another chopper rider who was taken out by a drunk driver in southern California. I've never met Nick before, but the story goes, he resurrected this old Denvers chopper recently, and was hit by a drunk driver a week ago. Like Robert, he is in an induced coma, and has a long list of injuries. If you have the means, help these guys out. Click HERE to help Nick out.