Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Riding the Golden Chain, Day 1

What the fuck is the Golden Chain you ask? Its a highway, route 49, which runs north/ south, along the western side of the Sierra Nevada's. Highway 49 connects all the gold rush towns from the mid 1800's when gold was first found in the Sierra's.
The towns still remain, and 49 is one of the nicest roads in California, (no bias!), as it winds throughout the foothills. Our goal for the weekend was to head to the end, and then onto North Fork and Bandit Town as our final destination. First stop for us would be Mariposa and The Alley Bar Friday night.

Sun shining, Wolf leading the pack

Jason and Gus

Waiting for Levi in Moccasin

Aaron stopping to say hello

Club friend Miles from GV

Waiting for the rest on the south side of Bagby Pass

Bar owner Aaron, Wolf and Gus

Safe and secure parking for the night. Oakhurst and Bandit Town tomorrow...