Thursday, June 4, 2015

Last Ride with Wicky

Baby Clint and I left with Wicky and headed up highway 49 towards Placerville. Clint had to split halfway to head back to work, but we continued on until we met up with Gus (again!), accompanied by Andrew today, so Wicky would have a Deathtrap escort for his entire first leg of his journey back to Portland!
We had a bite to eat in Pville, before we split in different directions: myself heading back south on 49, and the rest of the crew maintained their northern heading, and continued on to Grass Valley, along 49. 
Good seeing you Wicky! We had a blast with you once again!

Goodbyes in Jackson

Gus forever connected

Hitting the road

Downtown Pville

Wicky, we had a goat time together! Oh man, I should've put sunscreen on...

Solo Southbound