Friday, June 26, 2015


Some people have no idea what 109F/43C feels like. I actually think, up until yesterday, the Euro crew was part of that group. Not anymore. 
Another late night Wednesday, forced us to catch up on some desperately needed zzz's, but also put us on the road in the middle of the heat. As we left Sonora, temperatures were already climbing towards 100F/38C, and it was only going to get worse as we rode south. But like the true champs they are, both the Euro crew and the bikes, rode on through the miserable heat. 

Getting close to the Grapevine

Jimmy on Baby Clint's bike

Nose picking

Finally heading west towards Santa Paula, and into the setting sun. Got down right cold for a little bit!

Campspot for the night. Secret spot!

Fanch messing with a dilerious Jimmy!

Good morning!

Thanks for letting me use a pillow last night, dick. Pretty sure they go under your head...