Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Golden Chain Run 2015, September 4-7

OK, here it is: we're not doing our annual party in Copperopolis this year, for no other reason than we wanted to change it up a little. So we decided to do a run up highway 49, from Mariposa, camping in Coloma along the river, and then ending in Beldon for the Beldon Town party.
We're not taking over Beldon, we're just organizing a run up the foothills, open for anyone who wants to join us. There are already people meeting us along the way, and thats fine too.
The plan is to leave Mariposa Friday morning, September 4th, to Coloma. People will be camping and hanging out at the Alley Bar, in downtown Thursday night. Depending on the number of people who are showing up on Thursday, we might just camp on the river instead.
Friday we will head north along the Golden Chain Highway, through Sonora and Placerville, and ending in Coloma for camping, BBQ, and drinks.
The plan as of now, is we will bring the BBQ, and you supply your meat, or food preference. Saturday morning is pretty straight forward, continuing onward, through Grass Valley, and then up into the mountains, and finally into the Feather River Canyon, and then Beldon.
Simply put, a run, not a pack run, up highway 49, camping, fun, drinks, and friends. More info on campsites will come soon!
Feel free to pass this along to righteous chopper lovers everywhere!