Monday, August 24, 2015

Another GCR Update

OK, so we've upgraded our camping situation. We are now, still in Coloma, at River Bend Resort. They can accommodate 70 of us, so there is no need to check in with us prior to meeting up with us. The cost per person is $15 for the night. This gets us BBQ pits, bathrooms, showers (whatever those are), and a safe place to camp and park the bikes for the night. The other nice thing about this place is... its just down the road from the Coloma Club! Live music every weekend until the end of the summer.
And now that we've given you some good news, we need to remind of the bad: the countywide noise curfew is in effect here too. Just show respect, and we'll be good. Hopefully we will all be invited back next year!
We will have a sign out on highway 49 for the turn off for camping. Email us with questions!

Josh got the sign done!

See you on the road!