Friday, June 10, 2016


Showed up at the shop yesterday to find the driveway blocked by four Swedish guys and two of them with their own choppers!
The Munkfors MC has returned. They were here last year at our swap meet in the mud, and have been riding their bikes in the US, on and off, for almost a year now. Basically they shipped their bikes here last September, and and legally they can ride their bikes for one year as tourists, no problem. So they flew here last year, rode around, flew home went to work, and then they are back. I think they might be coming back again for Bonneville, before they have to ship their bikes home. 
Pretty cool. 
Steven had a blown front brake line, so since I am always looking for an excuse to get out of work, I started up the shovelhead and rode down to the Harley shop with them to figure it out. Jamestown Harley hooked them up, and got them back on the road. They are headed towards the Redwood run, where Wolf already is!

Swedish 80" flatty

Enjoying the AC in the dealership. See you guys down the road!