Monday, June 13, 2016

Goldenchain Meet Up

One pack headed south, and two packs (I guess I don't really qualify as a pack when I'm riding by myself, but it sounds better this way) headed north along highway 49. I had a couple readjustment stops along the way, but by the time I came across Gus and Andrew, Gus's battery had taken a shit. 
Shortly after we had diagnosed the problem, Josh and Jason blasted past us like they didn't even know us! On a mission from God! A chase insued, and I was able to get them turned around and back to where the dead bike was. 
Sun was headed down, so we sent Andrew on a parts run, and he returned with fried chicken and biscuits! And a battery... The shovel would live again!

A concerned Andrew watching Dr. Gus

Finally one pack

While staring at other bikes, Josh noticed Jason might need a custom heat shield for his oil lines. Being stuck on the side of the road in beautiful California, finding trash would not be a problem! Aluminum can, check! Bailing wire, check!

Fast Greasy Trash

Jason and I would head south together while the rest of the guys went north. Josh would eventually head back west towards the ocean. 

"It's a loose wire!" 
"You got gas?" 
"Ummmm, No..."

Crossing the county line as the sun was going down.