Friday, September 28, 2012


Well we're down to the last couple of hours, and we've been getting a lot of last minute reservations for spaces and also a couple questions on where it is exactly. Its at Estes Customs, but he has since moved from last year. The address is: 14969 Camage Ave Sonora CA
If you're coming east on 108, take the Mono Way exit, then take a right onto Mono Way. At the next light, Tuolumne Rd, go right. About 3 miles up the road look for Steves Place (local dive) on your right, and go left. This will be Nugget, and Camage will be your first right, Estes is 1/2 mile down on your right.
If you're heading south on 49, go through Sonora and that will eventually put you onto 108 or Mono Way. Then follow the above directions.
There will be signs along the way, as long as the cops don't tear them down.
Speaking of which. Those of you who have been to Sonora before, know that the local fuzz have a hard-on for motorcycles, cars, and people in general. In town watch your speed, no illegal passes (Gus) and just keep a look out. Know your rights and know the laws. Don't let them pull a fast one on you! Spend your money at the swap meet, not at the courthouse!

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