Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Swap Meet!

Well it snowed last year, and this year we of course had a little heat wave come through. Not a huge deal though, as we had 6 kegs there for the thirsty! We sold out of the bottomless mugs, broke out the new hats (finally), and also sold a bunch of the swap meet shirts. Kept everyone fed with chili dogs or bacon cheese burgers, with locally grown heirloom tomatoes and grilled onions! Huge thanks to Blue Oak Farm for the veggies and Marty and Todd for manning the grill all day.
Also a huge thanks to everyone who showed up, and to the vendors, see you all next year!

 Night before

 Bacon for the burgers.

 Honda chop

 Parts, parts, parts

 Ruby showed up!


 Chicks in vans

 Wolfs tank being painted by Matt

 The new hats. Will be in the store soon!

 Hiding from the afternoon sun

 Better luck next year

 Levi and a midnight tattoo session

And then there were three of us. Wolfs finished tank