Thursday, October 4, 2012

This is what my life has been missing!

After I picked the bike up in Oakland I quickly tried to rack my brain and figure out what exactly needs to be fixed from the long adventure across the pond. There were some obvious things: regulator, battery and primary drive. But as I searched the bike over, there were some surprises too, like a broken tranny stud, missing mirror and so on. It's was also nice remembering all the good times we had over there. The hose clamp on my exhaust, been there since Germany, and someone asking me where I got my rear tire, "got that guy in Luxembourg".
After I got it started and did a couple quick miles down the highway, it was time to get over to the swap meet for the early birds Friday evening. It brought back a huge smile to my face as I took the long way up, with my bag on the sissy bar, as this was the way it was for 3 months while we zig zagged across Europe.
Yes, this is what I needed!