Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Once Again

No matter how small the accident, or how minor the injuries, you always hate hearing about motorcycle crashes, especially when they also involve a car. Phones, music, text messages, gps, passengers, the list goes on and on, but what all of these things have in common, is that they distract a driver. And when it comes down to it, drivers killer motorcycle riders all the time. Usually a driver of a car will walk away with no injuries, while the rider, if survives, is airlifted to local hospitals.
Unfortunately this post is not about a small crash, involving minor injuries. This is about the worst of the worst. Rich Dodds and his girlfriend Tori Drew, were riding two up on his bike in LA, when a 71 year old driver pulled out in front of them. Rich suffered catastrophic injuries, and died, while Tori suffered a broken tibia, femur, pelvis, ankle, fractured ribs, lacerated liver, bilateral nose spray, bilateral orbital break, and mild bleeding of the brain. She is currently stable, and has been air lifted back to her hometown of Vancouver. All of this happened while on vacation visiting Rich.
So once again, we are spreading the word, so we can help out some people and family who desperately need it.

Tori's GoFundMe HERE

Rich Dodds GoFundMe HERE

If you're in the southern California area in a couple of weeks, go check out their fundraiser and help out in person.