Monday, August 8, 2016


There's plenty of truth, science, and real life experiences that prove that drinking leads to bad decisions. But the other night was not one of them! BBQ and beers at Baby Clint's house, phone call to Jason, a quick sketch by yours truly, and we were ready for some good ol fashioned drunk tattoos!
Brian and Mike the Bike came up with the idea, and it was unanimously voted "YES" by the rest of us, that we would all be getting VIER tattooed on us. VIER is of course four in Dutch, duh. Let the games begin! And oh yeah, we would all be taking turns with the tattoo gun, even though Jason is the only professional. 

Quick tour of Jason's garage. Filled with projects!

Figuring out our game plan 

Baby Clint on John

Mike the Bike making it really stick

Mr Lighthands himself. I can't seem to get the ink to go in...

Beads of sweat on both mine and Johns foreheads. 

Favorite one yet!