Tuesday, August 16, 2016

GOLDENCHAIN RUN 2016!!! September 2-4

OK, so here is our updated schedule for the GCR this year: Meeting up at the clubhouse in Sonora Friday afternoon on September 2, and leaving Sonora around 3pm or 4pm. Obviously leaving on a Friday makes it hard for people to get time off of from work, but it won't be a huge pack ride from Sonora to GV. The pack from GV hopefully will include all the late night arrivals, and stragglers from work.
Leave Grass Valley Saturday morning and head up 49, almost to the end, and then head down the Feather River Canyon to Belden. Simple as that.
We will update you one more time on the meet up spot in GV. We know where we're staying, we just can't post the address online! Most likely we will meet up in downtown at one of the bars and then ride all together into camp. This will be good for people who are coming from the bay, or sac and want to skip the first leg of 49. Even though we don't recommend that!