Wednesday, September 7, 2016


The roads were smooth, but the next day was rough! After a great ride, its always hard not to get carried away with good times when the bike turns off, or runs out of gas. The party at Good Speed and Macheen lasted all night, but our leave time for Belden was pretty relaxed, so people were able to sleep in.

Loud Rudy, being very quiet...

Hose clamp exhaust bracket

Zac helping Mick out with a clutch adjustment

Yoga Jake

In Nevada City with the Sac crew

Last gas in Quincy

Sunday morning

Ooops. This would be the end of the road for Jonathan

In Oroville, Phil, while riding his knucklehead had a flat tire. He pulled it off brilliantly! That thing was sideways a couple times as he tried to navigate the bike off the road. When he finally came to a stop, I think we all smiled a little, and I think he changed his shorts!