Thursday, September 1, 2016

Mammoth III

We all woke up sunday morning inspecting some damage from a bear who, the night before, knocked over someones bike! Don't worry, it was a Dyna, ha!
Another great time, and we'll be seeing most of you all this weekend for the Goldenchain Run!

We headed back north together, but Gus and Casey would be continuing up 395 and then through Lake Tahoe to get to GV

Mono Lake off to the right

Hmmm, I hope those storm clouds aren't where we have to go....

DAMNIT!!! Hail and rain made for a refreshing couple of miles. Thankfully we made it through the storm in a few minutes, it was not so warm on Sunday. The pack behind us who stopped for a beer in Bridgeport, got slammed after they left.