Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Print Is Not Dead

Not so long ago, at least for some of us older guys, magazines and books were where all of our information and inspiration came from. If you weren't physically there while being told by some graybeard on how to do something, then you were shit out of luck. Go buy a manual. The google search was nowhere to be found, and sitting down surrounded by a pile of books was not unheard of.
With this being said, its always refreshing to receive something in the mail that reminds you of a time when quality work was something physical, and tangible. It was bound and printed on glossy pages, with someones name on it. We have been enveloped by an internet filled with bullshit and clowns, who speak well, but know nothing, and convince us of things that aren't true (did I just describe myself...!), but having a piece of evidence in your hands, something that someone put their heart and soul into, is always refreshing.
I have never personally met Tim, but you see his work, and its a different shot, on maybe the same angle, but it has his undeniable touch to it. Motorcycles all pretty much the same: two wheels, a great power plant, and in our neck of the woods, a sissybar and long front end. Capturing this several times over, and each time making it better, is a gift. Thanks Tim for putting yours into a great magazine to share with the rest of us!
Order Stag HERE

Of course, speaking of print, we can't not talk about Basket Case, who like Stag, is at its infancy, but still just as righteous as the rest of them. And also, our good friends in France, At Move Around, have another issue out right now. This one features Yvon's fucking badass Swedish style panhead. 

Get your copy of Basket Case HERE

Buy your Move Around issue HERE, shipping to USA took only about a week.