Thursday, September 18, 2014


Party party party!!
So after the Trip Out, I got to hang out with Andy and check out England a bit. 

Well it turns out I got to hang out with Andy P and Anna P for their wedding anniversary and pick up the gift. 

Added some 6 overs. A good look!

A norton Deathtrap! 

After a couple of days of hanging out tripping on bikes and slot cars we decided to drive back to Belgium to hang out for a night and drive back to England before I headed back state side. 

We ran into Gille and Tiny and visited Danny at his motorcycle/bonsai sanchuary before heading to Antwerp 

Then to party our asses off for the night

Great seeing everyone and visiting once again. Beer, sorry we didn't make it far enough north to see you but I'll be seeing you in a few weeks..  

Only a couple hrs later on our way back to England. Hah. PARTY!!  

Back to the farm to pack and head home. 

Home: Pinecrest lake....Now that I'm home I miss the road, my bike, and all of the new people that we have met on our crazy PARTY tour. It's been one hell of a trip.  See you all soon!