Monday, July 21, 2014

Fücker Chopper Fest Day 1-2

One of the many reasons for traveling north, was to meet up with the Jokers and go to the Fückerfest. This year it was about 450km north of Gothenburg, in the woods, next to a lake. The plan was to break up the trip into two days, camping along the way. 
We left the south of Sweden with about 25 choppers, and along the way, we picked up more and more bikes. All old, all kick start, all choppers. Not one Dyna! The younger generation in Sweden have paid no attention to the new bike fad of California! 
By the end of the first day we were close to 35 choppers, camping by a lake, enjoying some warmish beers, and basking in the Swedish midnight sun. 


Peter Longhair

David blew out his wheel bearings on his front rim, and without skipping a beat, loaded up his bike, and hopped onto Wolfs bike. 

Fixing Angelo's gas tank. 

Looks like he might have planned this out the entire time...

Shawn from Southern California flew in for the party, and got to enjoy Rickard's Panhead for the week. 

As with most of the righteous chopper party's we've been to, there is always a good collection of people from all over the place. I think within the first dozen bikes here there were people from England, America, Belgium, Finland, and Sweden. 

First night

1am, sun is coming up again




Gus's son

Top Lock