Friday, July 25, 2014

Fücker Fest days 3-5

The Fücker Chopper Fest, as it turned out, was only another destination on this week long chopper camp trip. It blew my mind that the day after the party, there were still almost 20 guys that were continuing on, and not heading home. 
But we're difinetly guilty of this ourselves: riding for hundreds of miles to a party, partying our asses off, and then riding back the very next day, not enjoying anything on the way home, just so we can all go back to work the next day. Work is for jerks!
And so, this group headed off to Corners house for a night, and got to check out his amazing place. Tomorrow's destination: "further south west than we are right now". Not a bad plan!

Bikes in front of Ghetto Choppers

Beer break, Rickard

Sebastian and Andy

Next morning kick off

Notice the slick!!! Mäktigt!

Devils Bride

Andy and Wolf. Tripping out

Lunch time

Alcohol purchase and rain delay. While drying out at a nearby gas station, and realizing our initial destination for the day was not going to happen, a guy pulled up in his van, started talking bikes, and then invited all of us to his house, about 30km away, to camp. 
We already had the most important ingredient for the night (beer!), and so it was decided. Head over to dudes place, cook some hot dogs and drink some beer, and go to sleep, or get murdered! 

Long dirty driveway

Next day sun

And rain

Karlstad battery change out. Next stop for the Deathtraps: Norway!